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The daily business cartoon for your website or Intranet


Can the cartoons be used for other publications?

If you purchase a license to use my daily business cartoon feature on your website or Intranet, then that is the only use you can make of the cartoons. If you'd like to use one of my cartoons for a newsletter, a presentation, a training manual, or some other purpose, I will be happy to discuss an appropriate rate for that use.

Will you draw a custom cartoon for us?

Yes, if my schedule permits. I charge a higher fee for custom drawn work.

Can we change the name of the cartoon feature?

Yes, that's fine with me. If you'd like to call it "The (Your Company) Cartoon," I would be happy for you to do that.

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How do we pay for the daily cartoon?

Payment is made by credit card. I'll send you a link to my payment page. All credit card payments are handled by Authorize.net. Once you've made the first payment, and if you want me to do it, I can make the charge recurring so that it will repeat each month. I will immediately end the recurring charge on your request.

Can't we just resize the image on our page by altering the img src tag properties?

Yes, you can. But the results can sometimes be a little fuzzy. I think it's much better to use the image at one of the predetermined sizes. See the sizes page.

Where can we see more of your cartoons?

Please visit my online catalog at www.newslettercartoons.com.

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